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We at Team Carer are proud to offer a suite of night support worker roles in Brighton, dedicated to providing around-the-clock care and support to individuals with Autism and learning disabilities. Our homes in Eastbourne and Hailsham stand testimony to our commitment to holistic care, available 24 hours a day, seven days a week. Today, we extend our invitation to caring professionals in and around Brighton to be a part of our compassionate workforce.

Ours is a continuously growing community of health care professionals in the United Kingdom, and we’re looking to enhance our team with Full time, Part-time and Bank Support Workers. By joining us, you’ll earn a competitive salary, reflective of your skills and experience. Our focus remains firm on fostering choice, empowerment, and dignity in every aspect of care we provide.

For those interested in embarking on a career with Team Carer Brighton jobs, we assure you of our complete support and ample opportunities for professional development. Brighton night support worker opportunities with Team Carer not only promise a pathway to personal satisfaction but also a chance to make a genuine difference in people’s lives.

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Exploring the Role of a Night Support Worker with Team Carer in Brighton

Joining Team Carer as a night support worker in Brighton is a calling for those dedicated to making a significant impact in the lives of individuals requiring special care during the night. As part of our respected team, you will be responsible for maintaining the wellbeing and safety of our clients, ensuring their night-time experience is as comfortable and secure as daytime care.

What Does a Night Support Worker Do?

As a night support worker within our team, you will embark upon a journey of compassion, fulfilling the unique needs of each individual. Your role will involve a diverse range of responsibilities, from monitoring residents to providing them with responsive care. You are integral to our commitment to support and safety, helping us maintain our status as a leading provider of night shift support worker positions in Brighton.

The Importance of Night Support in Residential Care

Night support is the cornerstone of our round-the-clock care ethos. Those searching for vacant night support worker positions at Team Carer will find a rewarding role in ensuring a peaceful environment during the twilight hours. Your service is vital in guaranteeing that the residents’ nocturnal needs are met with professionalism and empathy, aligning with the highest standards of residential care.

Team Carer’s Dedication to Holistic Support

We take great pride in offering holistic support to our clients, recognising the paramount importance of individual preference and autonomy in the care process. Team Carer night shift roles in Brighton are not just jobs, but a platform for promoting positive behavioural support and enhancing life experiences for those under our care — all within a nurturing, community-focused setting.

If the prospect of night support worker vacancies in Brighton excites you, consider this your personal invitation to explore a career with Team Carer — a stepping stone towards a fulfilling professional journey in healthcare within your community.

The Benefits of Pursuing Night Staff Jobs in Brighton with Team Carer

At Team Carer, we acknowledge the dedication and passion required to excel in night shift support worker positions. To honour this commitment, we present a competitive and rewarding employment package to those interested in available night shift jobs with Team Carer in Brighton. Our team places considerable value on both the personal welfare and professional growth of our staff, leading the way in offering attractive Brighton night support worker positions. Here’s a closer look at how pursuing Team Carer job vacancies in Brighton can be an advantageous career move.

Competitive Salary and Employee Perks

We believe that our employees are our greatest asset, and this is reflected in the competitive salaries we offer, which commensurate with the experience and skills brought to our team. As part of our remuneration package, our night staff benefit from:

  • A tiered pay system, rewarding skills and experience
  • The potential for overtime rates and weekend pay enhancements
  • Opportunities for additional income through our finder’s fee programme

Our financial incentives are crafted to not only attract but also retain the very best in the field, ensuring our clients receive top-quality care from top-quality professionals.

Flexibility and Work-Life Balance for Night Staff

The nature of night shift work requires a delicate balance between personal lives and professional responsibilities. We understand this balance and thus offer:

  • Full-time, part-time, and bank contract options, offering you control over your working hours
  • Flexible shift patterns to work around your existing commitments, be it family, studies or other interests

Maintaining this equilibrium is essential, not just for the wellbeing of our staff but in fostering an environment where they can provide the most attentive care for our residents.

Contract Type


Pay Structure

Additional Benefits

Full-time Structured rotas Competitive Base Salary Finder’s Fee
Part-time Choice in shifts Overtime Rates Birthday Leave
Bank High Flexibility Weekend Enhancement In-depth Training

Seize the chance to become part of a supportive and dynamic team, and embark on a night support worker role that not only appreciates your efforts but generously rewards them. Explore the available night shift jobs with Team Carer in Brighton and become an instrumental figure in providing essential evening care.

Brighton night support worker positions

Join Team Carer as a Night Support Worker in Brighton

Stepping into the role of a night support worker with Team Carer opens a world of rewarding experiences and the chance to make a genuine difference. Our diverse and inclusive environment welcomes those from all walks of life to find night support workers jobs in Brighton with Team Carer, contributing to the collective goal of providing excellent care.

Career Progression and Professional Development

At Team Carer, we believe in investing in our people, underscoring our reputation as a coveted employer for night support jobs Brighton. With a keen focus on career progression, we offer our team members a robust platform for professional development. Eligible candidates are presented with opportunities to further their skills through various training programs, including the possibility to enroll in a Level 3 Residential Care qualification. This commitment not only reflects our dedication to our staff but also enhances the quality of care provided to our clients.

Inclusive Employment Opportunities at Team Carer

Our approach to recruitment is grounded in inclusivity, as we strive to nurture a workforce reflective of the diverse community we serve. We understand the importance of flexible work arrangements and have tailored our Team Carer jobs Brighton to accommodate your individual needs. Whether you require a role that aligns with family commitments, educational pursuits, or personal aspirations, we are committed to providing employment opportunities with Team Carer that allow for a harmonious work-life balance.

Functioning seamlessly as a unit, our staff can rely on sympathetically arranged shift patterns, enabling effortless planning around work commitments. Our career offerings are designed not just as jobs but as pathways to enriching lifelong careers with Team Carer careers in the healthcare sector.

Journey with us and explore the fulfilling experience of being a night support worker in Brighton, where every night presents a new opportunity to nurture and care — cementing Team Carer as a leading provider of Brighton jobs in healthcare.

Team Carer Brighton Jobs

Find Night Support Workers Jobs in Brighton with Team Carer

Are you actively searching for night support worker roles in Brighton? At Team Carer, we take pride in our commitment to the well-being of our community. We are currently hiring night support workers in Brighton, seeking compassionate individuals who display a strong dedication to enhancing the lives of others during the night hours.

We understand that the role of a night support worker is both unique and crucial. It demands a certain calibre of professional—one who is not only adept at caring for vulnerable individuals but also capable of making significant contributions to their comfort and safety throughout the night.

With Brighton’s night support worker roles available in our team, we provide an environment that values and encourages the professional growth of our employees. We recognise the hard work that goes into being a night carer and, as such, offer a competitive salary and detailed benefit package to ensure our team feels valued and rewarded.

If you are looking for employment for carers in Brighton, especially those who prefer to work outside traditional daytime hours, Team Carer extends a heart-felt invitation for you to join our team. We have both full-time and part-time night care assistant jobs Brighton available.

Our objective is not only to faculty an efficient night support system but to ensure that our residents feel secure at all times—something that can only be achieved with the right team in place. We’re eager to meet those of you who want to make a positive impact in the lives of individuals requiring overnight assistance.

Role Type

Key Requirements

Shift Times

Employee Benefits

Full-time Night Support Worker Experience in social care, Patient and empathetic disposition Ongoing, structured nightly shifts Competitive salary, Professional development opportunities
Part-time Night Support Worker Commitment to providing quality care, Good communication skills Flexible shift patterns Work-life balance, Tiered pay system
Bank Night Support Worker Responsive and reliable, Ability to work autonomously Ad-hoc shifts to suit personal schedule Finder’s fee, Birthday leave, Overtime rate

To find out more about the roles we have on offer and to enquire further about what it means to work with Team Carer, please get in touch. We are excited to hear from those of you driven to pursue a career that truly makes a nocturnal difference.


In retrospect, the journey towards a fulfilling career in healthcare is compellingly personified through the night support worker roles we offer at Team Carer. For those inclined to find a night support worker job in Brighton, we present an unparalleled opportunity steeped in professional growth and community contribution. We stand out in the competitive landscape with our commitment to fostering a learning culture, offering competitive compensation and nurturing a supportive work environment that features prominently among Brighton care positions.

Our ethos pivots on the empowerment of clients and staff alike, a philosophy that we apply to all facets of care, be it day or night. This holistic approach transforms every night support job at Team Carer in Brighton into a crucial stepping stone for those aimed at achieving more than a mere employment title; it becomes a part of their journey towards personal and professional fulfilment. We earnestly reach out to those searching for a career that is as rewarding as it is responsible, and invite you to explore night support workers jobs in Brighton with us.

The path awaits for those ready to contribute to a healthier, happier community through their night-time vigilance and care. If you’re seeking to be part of an inclusive team that prides itself on delivering quality care services around the clock, look no further. We encourage you to apply for our team carer employment in Brighton and step into a role that you can embrace with the assurance that you are making a definitive impact every single night. Together, let’s bolster the fabric of nighttime care in our community.


What are the roles and responsibilities of a Night Support Worker in Brighton?

A Night Support Worker in Brighton is responsible for providing continuous, attentive care throughout the night hours. This includes ensuring the safety and well-being of individuals with Autism and learning disabilities, monitoring residents, responding to needs as they arise, and fostering an environment that upholds dignity and supports individuals’ choices.

How does Team Carer support its Night Support Workers?

Team Carer is dedicated to its staff, providing a competitive salary, in-depth training, additional leaves such as birthday leave, enhanced overtime and weekend rates, and a tiered pay system. We also focus on career progression and professional development, including the opportunity to enroll in further qualifications within the sector.

What types of contracts are available for Night Support Worker roles at Team Carer?

We offer flexible working arrangements with full-time, part-time, or bank contracts available, allowing our Night Support Workers in Brighton to balance work with other personal commitments effectively.

Who can apply for a Night Support Worker position with Team Carer in Brighton?

We welcome applicants from diverse backgrounds who are compassionate, motivated, and committed to providing high-quality care. Previous experience in social care is advantageous, but a passion for making a positive difference in the lives of our residents during night-time hours is essential.

What makes Team Carer stand out as an employer in Brighton?

Team Carer stands out due to our commitment to holistic support, competitive compensation, an inclusive work environment, and a clear focus on employee development and wellbeing. We ensure that our roles are pathways to both personal and professional fulfillment.

What is the recruitment process for becoming a Night Support Worker with Team Carer in Brighton?

Our recruitment process involves submitting an application, attending an interview, and completing necessary background checks. Successful candidates will then receive comprehensive training to ensure they are fully prepared for their role in supporting our residents.

What qualifications are required to become a Night Support Worker with Team Carer?

While specific qualifications may be advantageous, what’s most important is your commitment to care and your drive to make a positive impact in the lives of those with Autism and learning disabilities. We provide the necessary training to equip you with the skills for the role, and there are opportunities to pursue a Level 3 Residential Care qualification.

Are there opportunities for professional development as a Night Support Worker at Team Carer?

Yes, Team Carer values career progression and professional development. We provide necessary training and the opportunity to further your qualifications within the sector. We are committed to supporting our staff’s growth and development.

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