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Team Carer: Top Rated Nursing Agency For Full Time & Part Time Roles in Healthcare Sector Across The UK


As the demand for quality healthcare professionals continues to rise, finding a reliable nursing agency becomes crucial for healthcare facilities across the UK. This is where Team Carer comes to the forefront as a top-rated nursing agency that provides both full-time and part-time roles in the healthcare sector. With their professional and informative approach, Team Carer has earned its reputation as a trusted partner for healthcare facilities in need of skilled and compassionate professionals.

At the heart of quality healthcare lies the dedication of skilled professionals—this is the ethos that propels our nursing agency in the UK forward. Specialising as a nursing jobs agency, we are determined to bridge the gap in nurse staffing agency needs with a wealth of expertise and unwavering compassion. As a leading nursing employment agency, we recognise the nuances of each healthcare setting, providing tailored healthcare staffing agency solutions that resonate with our clients’ unique requirements.

Our nursing agency services are bolstered by a foundation of over 18 collective years in both mental and general healthcare realms. Operating in Cheshire and Staffordshire, our mission transcends mere placements—we aim to foster environments where dignity and respect are paramount. We are steadfast in our commitment to excellence, upholding stringent compliance standards that the healthcare sector rightfully demands.

Nursing AgencyWhether you’re a healthcare provider in search of exceptional talent or a professional aspiring to make meaningful contributions to patient lives, we stand ready to serve. Our operations are not just about staffing—they’re about creating a sustainable, supportive ecosystem wherein each individual’s healthcare journey is honoured and empowered.

Key Takeaways

  • Dedicated nursing agency specialising in providing exceptional healthcare professionals.
  • Extensive experience in mental and general healthcare across Cheshire and Staffordshire.
  • Commitment to compliance, dignity, and respect in all staffing solutions.
  • Tailored services to meet specific needs of healthcare providers and private clients.
  • Opportunities for Care Assistants, Support Workers, and Nurses to join a compassionate team.
  • Continuous pursuit to improve the quality of patient care through expert staffing.

Overview of In-Demand Nursing Positions

Common dedicated nursing assignments agencies provide candidates for include:

  1. Elderly Care Nurses: Compassionate individuals coordinating medication, nutrition and personal care of homebound seniors unable to fully care for themselves.
  2. Hospital Ward Nurses: Highly skilled degreed specialists monitoring patient health across medical, surgical, paediatric, psychiatric and intensive care hospital wards.
  3. District/Community Nurses: Registered nurses assisting chronic condition management for vulnerable groups through home visits and community clinics.
  4. GP Practice Nurses: Experts handling triage, vaccinations, screenings, prescription management and general frontline primary care duties.

Why Ambition24hours Is the Nursing Agency of Choice for Healthcare Professionals

At Ambition24hours, our unwavering dedication to connecting skilled healthcare professionals with premier nursing jobs positions us as the top choice for those seeking rewarding career opportunities in the healthcare sector. Join us and be a part of a network that values expertise, commitment, and provides an environment where healthcare talent flourishes.

Unrivalled 24/7 Availability and Nationwide Coverage

Understanding the critical nature of healthcare services, we stand by our promise of 24/7 availability to ensure that nursing employment gaps are filled promptly, no matter the time or day. Our extensive network ensures nationwide coverage, offering nursing jobs that suit the busy schedules and diverse preferences of our esteemed registered nurses and healthcare assistants (HCAs).

Competitive Remuneration for Nurses and HCAs

We take pride in not only nurturing but also rewarding the dedication and hard work of healthcare professionals who join us. We offer competitive remuneration, acknowledging the invaluable service you provide in healthcare agency jobs and ensuring that your commitment to healthcare excellence is met with tangible benefits.

Comprehensive Range of Nursing Services Offered

Our services span a wide range of nursing specialties, ensuring that there is a perfect alignment between your skillset and the client’s needs. From acute care to community services, our nursing recruitment process is designed to cater to the myriad of healthcare settings, making us a versatile option for nursing employment.

Joining the Ambition24hours Community

Becoming a part of the Ambition24hours community is not just about finding a job; it’s about embracing a career journey that’s supported by a network of professionals and resources dedicated to your professional growth. We invite you to join our ranks and elevate the standard of patient care across the UK.

Best Practices Selecting Nursing Staffing Firms

  1. Continuity Assurance: Ensure sufficient workforce depth allowing reliably offering regular repeat candidates suited to long-term care relationships.
  2. Screening Rigour: Vet agency skill and psychometric verification procedures assessing nursing credentials, aptitude and sensitivities needed.
  3. Responsiveness Commitments: Inspect evidence validating ability to mobilise qualified nurses sometimes swiftly amid unpredictable business environments.

The Positive Impact of Nursing Agencies During the UK Nursing Shortage

In these challenging times where healthcare services face a significant nursing shortage across the UK, it is our pride as a leading nursing agency UK to offer a beacon of support. By providing bespoke healthcare recruitment solutions, we fill nursing vacancies with professionals who not only excel in their field but do so with a sense of purpose and dedication.

Our influence extends beyond filling positions; we catalyse systemic improvements in healthcare staffing. Reputed care homes consistently rely on our trusted services as we provide well-trained and experienced staff that become integral parts of their care teams, contributing to the delivery of outstanding healthcare every single day.

Nursing Agency

We possess an unwavering resolve to mitigate the staffing strain felt by healthcare providers. Our efforts ensure that no person is without the essential care they need—an accomplishment that not only defines us, but also galvanises the entire sector. With each placement, we help maintain the continuity and quality of care that every patient rightfully deserves.

“By stepping in during critical times, our agency serves as a vital cog in the UK’s healthcare system, ensuring seamless care and support for both healthcare facilities and patients alike.”

To illustrate our commitment to this cause, we share a glimpse of our typical weekly staffing support in the form of a table. It reflects our continuous drive to uphold excellent care standards:

Day of the Week Registered Nurses Care Assistants Support Workers
Monday 24 30 18
Tuesday 24 32 20
Wednesday 25 30 22
Thursday 23 28 19
Friday 26 35 21
Saturday 28 40 25
Sunday 27 38 23

This table is a testament to our dedication towards maintaining a consistent and reliable healthcare workforce, showcasing how integral we are to the seamless operation of diverse healthcare settings. Our persistent and compassionate approach demonstrates our belief that every individual deserves quality healthcare services, every day.

We invite you to witness the impact we have made—a synergy of dedication and expertise—coming together to address and alleviate the UK’s healthcare staffing challenges.

Nursing Agency in UK: A Career Pathway for Healthcare Workers

Embarking on a journey within the nursing careers in the UK is not only a choice to embrace a noble profession but to tread a path laden with opportunities and personal growth. At our UK nursing agency, we connect highly skilled individuals to nursing job opportunities that uplift and inspire. The symbiosis of our nurses’ passion for care with our agency’s mission to facilitate unwavering support weaves the fabric of excellence in healthcare.

Immediate Vacancies and Diverse Opportunities

With an array of immediate vacancies sprawling across the UK, our agency presents diverse nursing job opportunities that cater to a spectrum of specialisations and settings. Whether rural or urban, we list roles fitted to your expertise and ambition, enabling you to render valuable healthcare services where they’re most needed.

Exceptional Nurse Support and Career Progression

Our agency not only serves as a bridge to your next nursing recruitment UK role but also as a catalyst for continuous professional development. With bespoke training, mentorship, and career progression opportunities woven into our foundational support, we aid in the advancement and enrichment of nursing careers in the UK.

How to Register and Start Working with a Leading Nursing Agency

Transitioning into our ranks is streamlined for efficiency and speed, guiding you through the registration process with ease. Our dedicated team assists you at every step, ensuring that you can commence your contribution to UK’s healthcare swiftly and seamlessly. Reach out, register, and step into the realm where opportunities abound and your skills bring about impactful positive changes.

Why Allied Nurses Excels as Premier Nursing Staffing Firm

Allied Nurses leads nursing recruitment through global expertise combined with local community connections to credentialed nursing talent across the UK. Our advantages:

  1. ✔ 130,000+ Screened Nurses: Our unrivalled database allows instantly shortlisting best matches aligned to specified clinical and care criteria.
  2. ✔ Round-the-Clock Deployment: With nurses pre-vetted and on standby nationwide, we fill 96% of urgent requests within 48 hours.
  3. ✔ Skill Specialisation: We possess dedicated resourcing wings focused on mental health nursing, paediatric special needs nursing, district nursing and more.
  4. ✔ Compliance Assurance: 100% verification of nursing skills, credentials and work rights before submissions as a top agency priority.

Nursing Agency


When it comes to finding reliable healthcare professionals, Team Carer stands out as a top-rated nursing agency in the UK. With their professional and informative approach, as well as their commitment to providing comprehensive support and flexible working options, they have established themselves as a trusted partner for healthcare facilities. Their responsive and reliable service, along with their high-quality recruitment process, ensures that healthcare facilities can find the right professionals to deliver exceptional care to their patients.

In essence, our journey through the intricate landscape of healthcare staffing elucidates the irrefutable need for a trusted and compassionate nursing agency. Ours is a narrative woven with commitment and a profound understanding of the healthcare domain, ensuring we stand undisputed as one of the best nursing agencies in the UK. We are wholeheartedly devoted to deploying the highest quality healthcare professionals who embody the pinnacle of care, compassion, and competence across the nation.

As we ascertain our pivotal role in fortifying healthcare institutions amidst staffing shortages, our alignment with the national health agenda is unwavering, shining as a premier care nursing agency and a beacon of hope. We champion the continuity of patient care, making an indelible impact on countless lives. Our ethos and operational excellence foster a synergy nursing agency culture that supports healthcare workers in their career trajectories, providing them with a wealth of opportunities and, importantly, the sphere’s highest paying nursing agency UK standards.

We crystallise our commitment in this vocation by nurturing a mutually rewarding partnership with both healthcare providers and professionals. Standing proudly at the vanguard, our dedication is not merely a promise but a lived reality. Engage with us, and join an alliance where excellence is not an aspiration but the very foundation we operate upon.


What costs range can one expect?

Nursing markup fees average 18-22% accompanying pay rates to account for candidate sourcing, screening and support costs.

What factors impact nurse talent supply?

Industry staffing level trends, location desirability aspects, NHS demand cycles, compensation rates and Macro immigration policies enabling overseas talent flow.

What risks come with shortened hiring timelines?

While essential vetting occurs, extremely rushed recruitment can overlook red flags so interviewing still vital before onboarding nurses.

What regions do you serve as a nursing agency in the UK?

We provide nursing agency services across the UK, including England, Scotland, and Wales, with a focus on areas like Cheshire and Staffordshire, as well as nationwide coverage through our network of affiliated agencies.

How can healthcare employers benefit from your nurse staffing agency?

Healthcare employers benefit from our services by gaining access to a pool of healthcare professionals who are ready to provide high-quality healthcare services. We offer flexible staffing solutions to ensure that the unique needs of each healthcare setting are met efficiently, be it for temporary staff shortages or long-term recruitment needs.

What types of roles are available through your nursing employment agency?

We offer a wide array of nursing roles, including positions for registered nurses, healthcare assistants (HCAs), care assistants, support workers, and more. There are opportunities for those specializing in general healthcare, mental health, care for individuals with learning disabilities, autism, and personality disorders, amongst other areas.

Why choose Ambition24hours as a healthcare staffing agency in the UK?

Ambition24hours is recognized for its 24/7 availability, ensuring that healthcare facilities are never left without the necessary staffing. We uphold strict compliance standards and provide competitive pay and a supportive community for our healthcare professionals. In addition, we take pride in our extensive roster of experienced and dedicated staff who are ready to make a positive impact.

What is the process for nurses and healthcare professionals to join the nursing staffing agency and find jobs in the UK?

To join us, interested healthcare professionals need to register, undergo mandatory and induction training, and then they can start searching for job opportunities. We aim to make this process as quick and efficient as possible to ensure healthcare professionals can start making a meaningful difference in patient care promptly.

What kind of support and career progression can nurses expect from Ambition24hours?

Our nurses and healthcare workers receive exceptional support from us, including opportunities for continual learning and professional development. We are committed to helping our staff progress in their careers and ensure they always have access to the resources and guidance needed to thrive in their chosen paths.

Why Choose Our Team Carer Agency – The Placement Industry?

Contact Information

  • Expert guidance throughout the job search process
  • Access to a diverse range of Nursing roles
  • Strong connections with top employers in UK
  • Support from experienced consultants
  • Convenient and efficient recruitment process
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